recipe: Botchio made with kpatin wood dehoiun plus avo Wéwé.
It is enough to put on the neck and the hip of the botchio, to attach to its body of the trunk at the feet the white cloth then the Completely cover the black fabric.
> How to win an appeal:
Brush on two teeth two grains of atakoun and pour them over.
> How to Win a Divorce Trial:
Dig a hole in the shape of a small tomb and put in what is packed. > White magic ritual to win a lawsuit:
Tell all that you want and also the following incantations: Edi noun houè don yonnoun houè do homin no kou non enon kpa houè é do ho ton min on an After incanting this close the hole and go back to bed. It's over the day of the trial be relaxed and canine. It's winning in advance

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