My gifts were revealed to me from the age of 4, about 4 years If I forget my birth anomaly (I was born prematurely 5 months pregnant with 4 teeth in the mouth).
I was able to do incredible things, unimaginable things, things that Children of my age could not under any circumstances understand and execute. I was able to guess this or that People around me
I was planning events that happened with incredible precision I was the little wizard that everyone I became like this the guide of my late father great fetish and marabout of then. And was named great marabout of Africa in the 60s. Very early I was introduced to certain ancestral practices kept hitherto secret and whose access remains very restricted My talent and my demonstrations of magic brought me on several plates of television and made me traveled around the world The demonstrations had become my daily distraction until I was sequestered in India for 7 days in a big smoldering This is where I made for the first time in my life a journey into the water beyond Maybe I was doing it before but it was the first time I became aware of it.
The Indians had subjected me to harsh trials, which I overcame without difficulty. This is where I was called "ALOSSOU" which means thumb in French. Without going into the details the thumb is the master of all the fingers and without him the others are nothing and it is the only one that s Opposes everything else after I escaped from India on an invisible journey to return home to Benin with mine who thought me dead.
This is where I was appointed King at the age of 10 years rare thing in Africa I continued my sermons and my gift of vision of the future had become even sharper than I thought myself. During years of consultation I was guided by the spirit that animated and enlightened me. I later discovered that pure clairvoyance Without support I was easier and I made a lot of clairvoyance free immediate answer by mail and by telephone. Let's say that I did not have difficulty to channel my visions and flashes to be able to use them only when I Wishes or that when requested. From the divinatory supports I am also able to trigger visions and predictions I use several premonition methods to tell and predict the future and to have sharp visions of my consultants and sources of their problems.
I realized and contributed to the realization of several books of magic, several TV and RADIO broadcasts and others whose names I keep silent, So my practices have earned me several feature films in several newspapers all over the world.
Seeing honest and serious
Honesty and wisdom are virtues that I strive day and night to cultivate It must be confessed that it is not easy especially in this world where lying and betrayal have become the model Rare are those who preserve their integrity and act in all honesty but when you have the powers I have, you can only be honest because You know the benefits and especially the dangers and consequences that you run I am an honest and serious seeing because my profession and my status impose it to me I do not work with a false seer platform that could compromise me All testimonials about me and my clairvoyance are true and legitimate No false testimony on me is posted for any purpose If I do not see anything about you, (which is very rare) I do not waste your time If you do not have the expected result (which happens rarely), I will reimburse you the time to find the appropriate solution if your case is impossible (which is possible unfortunately) I admit it and do not make you Lose your money and time
Immediate and fast turnaround
For the quick processing of requests for consultation I have surrounded myself with collaborator Which help me in the realization of practices and rituals to allow me to receive and listen This since I can not split myself I can be brought accused late in the treatment of certain requests Also I can not communicate by watsap, vibrate, call and mails as soon as I return to the temple or access with these different s Appliances is prohibited and also on Sundays or I rest except in case of extreme urgency However the consultation itself remains quick as soon as I get in touch with you Just hear your voice and I know right away what bothers you or if necessary some information to complete for more precision In my vision and clairvoyance In a few minutes your future is predicted and without exhausting you financially and morally, the rest will depend on you in the correction of things and in Problem solving
Professional Wizard and Mage
A professional mage or clairvoyant is someone who has perfect control of what he does It is neither an amateur nor a charlatan, it is precise in these predictions and stable in these practices and especially noteworthy by its results Lt necessarily has a workplace (temple or convent) or receives its consultants in all discretion. It answers an ethics and must clarify to you before any engagement so that you do not be surprised He is also a healer, healed souls, healed the body. He is also a medium and a counsel He can resort to esotericism and witchcraft as needed. He must be able to teach and transmit his practices: he is also a teacher

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