I can bring my experience I was at the worst with my man and with the help of the magic of Professor Alossou we ended up getting out of our misfortune. Our couple went well during the first years, we had a quiet and calm life with plans for the future full head, we wanted to buy a house and land. Shortly before I got pregnant tensions appeared in our relationship and without realizing it we moved away. Before we never argued, we managed to manage our conflict without getting angry. But from that moment on we did not get there and the more we tried to talk the more we screamed at it. Within a few weeks our couple collapsed. My man was getting worse and worse, too. I know that at that time there was a woman at work who was turning her around. Once during a big fight when we were worse when I was pregnant for almost 5 weeks, he bluntly threw me into the face that he would eventually accept his advances and leave with her. I figured he had slept with but later I knew it had not happened. The more time went by the more it went wrong and we even came to think that it was better to separate. I was so desperate that I thought of an abortion. Having a child without him no longer made sense. The friends with whom I spoke were trying to support me as they could but it did not help. One day she talked to me about what can be done when nothing else happens and how it could help to repair and rekindle the flame. This friend who made me discover the world of magic and its possibilities in cases such as mine has also made one that has worked. I did not know anything about magic stuff and anything like that. Open-minded I believed in it like that without more. Although I was at the bottom of the hole I did not want to give up without having tried everything. My darling has always been the great love of my life just as I am hers. It was terribly painful to live at the same time as my pregnancy which motivated me in addition not to give up. I then addressed myself as the greatest marabout of the world, Professor Alossou, in my opinion, who practices high white magic and which should help me to revive what was dying between him and me. At first I thought a lot about pros and cons. What decided me was that it was no risk and the worst that could happen was that it did not work. I was aware that it could fail and I prepared myself for it. The first few days following the completion of the white magic work I was on my teeth, waiting for the slightest sign of improvement. When I think about the state of stress in which I had fallen, it certainly made things worse. The pressure that I put in this waiting made me crazy. When I saw in what state I put myself then I said thumb. I calmed down and then I let it go. A few days after the attitude of my man began to change. He resumed calling me work during his pose as he always did before. He and again became considerate, just a little at first, then more than before before. At that moment we were at the limit for abortion and I said no, I do not, our couple gives signs in the right direction I saw a future for two, finally three possible. After a month the situation was a little better. The medium Alossou who carried out the works of return of affection that works told me that after a month at most there would be a first better and that thereafter it will continue but that he and I should put there of our . That's what happened. We found a peaceful ground of discussion, the disputes settled and then disappeared. My pregnancy was also a factor of closeness, if at the very beginning it panicked it accepted and became a daddy hen what it is always. The time has passed and our couple and again become as tight as before more in fact. What we went through brought us closer. We started to plan our wedding next summer, we'll go into the house we're going to buy together right after. I can say that I have no regrets to have used an emotional ritual. Even if he had not walked it would have been a sign of fate and I would have accepted it. Fortunately it worked and above all thanks to the power and the know-how of the seeing Alossou very recognized in France for his exploits.
I knew it through newspapers that I read about magic and emotional feedback or it was marked on the front. I was aware that it does not work all the time and that when it fails this Is not for nothing. Sometimes we can not reassemble the pieces, but we can only know it when we tried. I saw in the emotional return a way of bringing the broken pieces together to see if they could be recollected precisely. Without this help it is clear that we could not even try to continue together so much we were wrong and disunited.