Here is a unique piece made up of 89 Chinese gold bars of different sizes ... 89 is a key figure in Asia because it represents infinite Wealth by accumulation. This belief, which dates back to the Tang dynasty, is explained by the composition of the number 8 + 9, 17 (1 + 7) -> 8 symbol of the infinite in the East as well as in the West. The number 8 (pronounced "ba") is close to "fa" which means prosperous. If you have been in China, you may have noticed the uncommon frequency of "8" in the telephone numbers of hotels, airlines or companies. Most of them are supposed to bring a good omen or a blessing for the "prosperity" of the companies. Telecommunication companies and car registration authorities in China have (unofficial) rules to charge an extra for every "8" number you'd like on your phone number or car plate. For example, the telephone number of the Sheraton Taiping Hotel in Shanghai is 6275 8888. At the top of this tower of ingots is "Luk", the God of abundance holding the scroll of power and authority that is the symbol of fortune, security and prosperity. In China and Singapore, the Chinese regularly use this type of generator by registering on a piece of parchment the wish to realize in the financial field (new project, increase of clientele, promotion, etc ...) and place their wishes under Of the ingot pyramid for 21 days while "Luk" is working on the energetic level to realize their wish ... much like the Aladdin lamp in the West except that here we no longer count the great Fortune Creates thanks to this system ... thanks to the free clairvoyant reply by chat of the great mage of the Indian temple and the Chinese magic: prof Alossou You also take advantage this opportunity to use this generator of Abundance, boost your projects, Attract new customers and "influence" the wheel of the Fortune in your favor.

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