So I knew a story not very happy at first but that ended well thanks to your rituals that work For my part I first went to see a gentleman in my area to help me. My beautiful mother has caused a bad fate on me and him to make us love each other more. That ugly old woman never accepted me and did everything to make us part. The gentleman I went to made it as close as he could. It lasted a long time because my mother-in-law continued to rot our lives while the emotional return was going on. It's been almost nine months and has had the best. We got closer, it has not come back like everything before. As her mother was even more on our backs when it started to have a better one it explains why it has to fart again; I was the same gentleman; He did other things but in vain; It is there researching I am falling on father Alossou who has reconciled us after months of breakup not only is we happy again but his mother has stuck us the peace and have come to accept and respect our union.
I wonder what the spiritual father Alossou could do to her to change her mind so easily and quickly.